J. Edgar


The weeks between one school semester and the next have been a stream of watching (or often re-watching) easy television shows but now I’m trying to final chip away at the long, long list of movies I’ve accumulated in my Instant queue.

Not sure why I started with “J. Edgar” (2011). Maybe it was recently added so I recently added it and it’s the first thing that popped up on the list? Those streaming lists can be tricky.

Turned out not to be a a great starting point. I think it was attempting to be insightful, and certainly a departure from when Edgar shows up in other movies and a deranged monster. But this movie was…dull? From the coloring to the way all of the actors talked and moved, it just didn’t have any light in it. I think it was going for a dusky time-piece with the stealth of the inner workings of a massive, secretive government agency, but as a screen piece it was spiritless with a great cast going miserably to waste.

And the voice-over. Please, please, please people, stop with the voice over narration. It’s painful and lazy and painful. I’d rather be confused than have to listen to that incessant nonsense.


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